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11.22.17 After a 7 year hiatus the finish line is on the horizon. We're now looking at a late 2018 release date for this movie. The past year has been non-stop audio editing and re-cutting almost everything.

The advent of HD video becoming the standard halfway into production left us wondering if this was even worth finishing - Youtube didn't even exist when we began. All doubt is now gone.

01.12.10 Ok. This is the year. A million technical difficulties later but things are nearly complete. Get ready to welcome mediocrity on an epic scale.
08.20.09 I just backed everything up again. 308GB of video takes a long time to copy. Jason (The Colonel) is still too busy trying to pay his rent so it could be awhile before he's free to finish up his parts.

I just read that Walter Cronkite died. If you don't know who he was then you should learn. He was the inspiration behind naming the character Cronkite in this movie.

In other news, there's not much left to reshoot but it still needs to be done. The 100degree+ weather is not helping.


My birthday is tomorrow and the movie is about 90% rough-cut. I was hoping to have it completed by now but losing my full-time job back in January was both a major set-back and a great opportunity to get this project finished. I have one more major Scene to edit before I know exactly what needs to be shot to complete the movie.

holley silhouette

04.16.09 It's 3am and i just got the rough-cut of Scene 4 done. This scene was more challenging to edit than anticipated but it proved nowhere near as difficult as Scene 9. For the select few that had the privilege of getting the sneak previews you know what I'm talking about.
04.08.09 The Intro, Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3, Scene 9, & Scene 10 are nearly completed. I still have to tweak some audio settings and shoot a few more close-ups to smooth things out. I'll be editing Scene 4 next since it's fairly straight forward.
03.26.09 Since the lay-off in January I've been non-stop working on editing. The movie is about 60% roughcut now. It's still early for a release date but I'm shooting for completion before summer.
08.20.08 I played GTA:IV for about a month solid. I'll revist that later. Editing makes my brain hurt and work related stress over the past 3 months is getting to me. I owe it to a few people to push on though.
06.11.08 No I haven't given up. This past year or so has been one crazy setback after the next. Financial issues and the long awaited release of Grand Theft Auto IV have not been helping productivity.

I was tired of spammers' relentless pursuit on the forum, so the it has been changed to the MySpace link.

In other news, I'm still editing... slowly. It takes time to comb through a couple terabytes of video.


It's officially official.

We're officially BACK to work on finishing this movie. After an extreme hiatus due to multiple life-altering complications, the majority of the crew will be traveling for a shoot next weekend.

Sorry for slacking. It won't happen again.


It's 2007.

There is currently 6.5min of movie totally edited complete. I'm not going to lie to you; it's the most hype 6.5min you will ever see, BUT you won't see it until the movie is complete.


Merry Christmas* !!!


*Ho ho ho.


Ok, so it's been about 2 years since this site went up and there's still not much to show for it, right?

Editing has begun and as we move along with that process, we'll find out what's left to be done and we can get a ball-park figure out for a release date.


The Forum is temporarily disabled.... not that anyone but spammers ever use it, but it's mentioned just in case there is a legitimate user's concern.

In OTHER news, the temperature has dropped enough for us to function again so filming will resume shortly.

08.04.06 We've received lots of positive feedback about this project recently which have motivated us to continue. A few other circumstances are in our favor as well so expect another update soon.
02.13.06 Much of the past weekend was spent transferring footage to storage in preparation for editting. The next shoot is in the planning stages.
01.19.06 We shot nearly all of Scene 9 and part of Scene 10 this past weekend. This news is good in that we are making progress, but it's irrelevant since no one else has ever read the script.
01.01.06 Updated the "Characters" section. We'll be heading out to Niki's Boat Studios this Weekend to shoot again.
12.12.05 Revised the former "5th Grade reading Level" version of the Synopsis to an "Easy on the Brain" version. Also placed a FAQ in with it.


Updated the site, added character profiles, synopsis of the movie and the news section you are currnently reading. The media section will be updated soon.


We got a few good shots this weekend and many more bloopers to add to the ever expanding reel that will eventually be put on the site.

The shoot went something like this:
-labor intensive set-up.
-adjust the set design
-re-adjust lighting
-camera batteries all go dead
-begin filming
-lots of laughing and mistakes
-special effects shots
-nauseated actor
-shut everything down and pass out

Thanksgiving weekend we plan to shoot again and get more accomplished.


Heading out to Nicki's Boat Studio to shoot this weekend.
We're running on a very limited crew but we still hope to accomplish quite a bit.


I spent a few hours reworking the script again. Next up is new storyboards for the remaining scenes to help ease the script-to-filming translation.

Thanks to all of the crew's input, the story is getting more in depth than it originally was planned to be. The end result is going to be something to be proud of.


Filmed more of the introduction sequence over the weekend. 4 people died in the process and 20 endangered species didn't make it through the night. Progess was made.


Filming for Scene 4 was mostly completed tonight in the cold. As Tyler continually emphasized, at least we weren't Rebecca Romijn filming x-men naked out there the whole time.

Only a few more close-up shots and that scene will be complete.


Things didn't go quite as planned. Due to illnesses, only a shot for the introductory sequence was filmed.


Two more necessary shots were filmed on the back lot at Niki's Boat studios in the freezing weather.


Finished filming a few more "continuity" shots last night and completed the rough edit on Scene 2.
The remainder of the week will be preparations and possible filming if schedules permit.


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