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So, who or what is Charlie Kilo?

Get ready to read the worst press-release ever written!

Simply put, it's complete insanity loaded with violence. Charlie Kilo is like a documentary packed with action, dark-comedy, and mystery. It's a bit conceptual but it can be described as a movie within a movie. It's not only for audiences wanting instant gratification, but also for those that enjoy the feeling of being immersed in a film.

So what's the story really about?

The movies's about a team of misfits on a mission to stop a target they've codenamed Charlie Kilo. The Colonel leads the team and their progress is documented by the team's newest recruit. Cronkite.

Armed to the teeth and loaded with the best surveillance equipment available, the team is ready for anything and will stop at nothing until their objective is complete. They might even have to pay a visit to your neighborhood to help make the world a better place.

Aside from being a story about militant endeavors, it's also a tale focused on Cronkite struggling as a film maker to find his place amongst the team while he learns some of life's tougher lessons. As they move forward in their mission, they will solidify the team as they deal with compromising, coping with loss, and finding their place in society.

Could an unfortunate turn of events lead them on the right path?
Will the team accomplish their mission?
Will the true identity of Charlie Kilo finally be revealed?
Can the Incredible Drinking Man keep his constant puking under control for even 5 minutes?


Q: "Finish the F*cking movie!"
A: That's not really a question Maria M, but we're trying to.

Q: "I heard Charlie Kilo is really about _____. Is that true?"
A: Only those making the film can confirm or deny this, but even we are not reliable sources. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Just think about how much "Fight Club" would have sucked it you knew the truth about the characters before you watched it though. .

Q: "When will this movie be finished?"
A: Weather permitting...Soon.

Q: "What time period is this movie set in?"
It's timeless but it's not in the past or in the future.

Q: "Why is it taking you so long to finish this movie?"
A: We are severely short handed, have scheduling/work issues, money is tight, illnesses and some of the cast/ crew are Vegans.

Q: "I think I heard Ebert and Roeper talking about this? Were they really reviewing Charlie Kilo?"
A: You were most likely high and we seriously doubt they would give this film the time of day. If this movie were made in France and the title was a primary color, then you might have heard them giving a critique.

Q: "Why are you making this movie?"
A: Basically we are doing this for our own entertainment. Mirrorz initially wrote this as a 10-minute short film trying to get into the Art Institute of Houston in 1997. After realizing it was physically impossible at the time, we waited several years until the opportunity for a necessary prop came to us. The script was then revised several times and Blowupmeup Productions was formed.

Q: "Where did the name Blowupmeup come from?"
A: We were in East Texas at Niki's Boat Studios testing a cannon on Thanksgiving day one year, and we apparently pissed off some neighbors. One of them approached us in a drunken fit of rage (in regard to the explosion) and yelled, "I seen you throw that shit off in that hole and run like hell...You better be glad that muh'fucker didn't blow-up-me-up!"


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